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" ‘Rani has been teaching, promoting and guiding mindfulness and mindful movement long before it became a popular approach…’"

~ F.D (Journalist)


Dynamic Rasa Flow™ Yoga & Mindful Movement invokes what Rani refers to as "The Embodiment Experience" of our bodies and of ourselves as a wave of bliss arising from the inherit wisdom of the body-mind.

Letting go into that gentle flow & embodying pure consciousness ultimately empowers the integration of 'Yoga' (connection and union) and 'Somatic' (or body-sensory based) practices and enables us to utilise the inherit wisdom of the body-mind, as a sacred, empowering and powerful tool.

Rani's guidance through the Embodiment Experience cultivates a deepening of our understanding and awareness of our relationships with ourselves, with others and with our environment through direct experience and ultimately is the seed for enabling the embodiment of and tapping into the wisdom we all already have within us.

“I have cultivated Dynamic Rasa Flow™ as a mindful and meditative body-mind movement practice. It is a powerful, yet simple method of what ultimatley is a self-enquiry that informs us about relationships; our relationship with ourselves, our relationship with others and our relationship with our environment. ”– Rani Sheilagh

Cultivated by Rani; Dynamic Rasa Flow™ yoga is a vibrant, energetic, yet gentle and rounded-holistic and modern approach which embodies the internal and external dynamics of the being human, the gentle rhythmic & creative flow awakening the ultimate pleasure, joys and ‘juiciness’ of Life!

    > Dynamic is: energy in motion.

   > Rasa is: the juicy aesthetic of life; the ecstacy and the rapture; the direct experience of the divine grace flowing in us and thru us

   > Flow is: the full immersion in a continuous state of being.

“By guiding someone through a direct experience of their body, it enables and empowers them to know, to feel, to embody... rather than just to think.” -Rani Sheilagh

Dynamic Rasa Flow™ practices are rooted in a classical yoga foundation, in the Dynamic Yoga Teaching Method, with reference to the teachings of Pantanjali's Yoga Sutras, it is influenced from both tantra and somatic movement techniques and intergrates with a modern, free, creative, sponteneous and energetic approach.

Rani Sheilagh guides and teaches to empower and develop awareness of the inherit intelligence of the body-mind, through exploring the elements of yoga, and ultimately delving more deeply into our maximum potential and the many fruitful benefits which nurture and cultivate our happiness, presence, resilience and joyful navigation of the full spectrum of life!

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